IsaLean® Bar

Pure food in the palm of your hand. The label says IsaLean, but it should probably say “freedom.” Perfectly balanced nutrition. Full of filling protein. Unbelievably delicious.

A balanced life is a better life. The balanced nutrition of IsaLean® Bars helps you stay on track even during busy days. You’re going places. Now you can go further.

  • No artificial sugars. Just the perfect balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Weight loss ally. High-quality protein helps you crush goals for weight loss and building lean muscle.
  • Epic convenience. Individually packaged to go wherever you go.
  • Pick your protein. Comes in whey and dairy-free, plant-based versions.
  • Tastes as good as it makes you feel. Try us.
  • So Convenient
    Every day brings its own drama. Brush it off with a bar that goes anywhere and always leaves you with a nutritious option. It’s like a secret, delicious weapon.
    Find Your Flavor
    Some days are lemon days. Others are chocolate cream. With several different flavors of IsaLean Bar, you’ll always have a flavor to fit your mood. Hope is the thing with options.
    A Meal Upgradement
    Many meal replacement bars are full of fake sugars and overloaded with carbs. Not IsaLean Bar. It’s your upgraded, undefeated meal replacement. So good it deserves a new word. Meet your meal upgradement.
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What’s Inside

The ultimate recipe for better nutrition.

Clean, Lean Protein
Protein is a key to satiety — the feeling of fullness. Each IsaLean Bar contains 18-19 grams of high-quality protein.
Good Fats & Carbs
IsaLean Bars bring that balance. Good fats and slow-burning carbohydrates work together to make a better bar.
Made With Natural Ingredients
Time to say bye-bye to the junk: IsaLean Bars contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.
Frequently Asked

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4.6 Of 5 By 199 Users
December 29,2020
Rhoni (Rhonda) Sorensen

They are all so yummy.. But my fav is the lemon.. if you are in the mood for a lemon bar, this one takes the cake. Then, of course there is the peanut butter crisp.. Who needs a rice crispy treat when you have these delicious bars?
Can't wait to try the Chocolate Decadence...

December 25,2020

They’re ok. I got the s’mores one. It’s really chewy and the flavor is a little odd. Definitely doesn’t taste like a s’more but also doesn’t taste bad. Good for when I’m in a pinch.

December 03,2020

The cashew caramel bars are amazing and convenient to throw in your bag for lunch!

December 03,2020
Dana Bibb

These bars are delicious and don’t have the ‘off’ taste that other protein bars do. Great with a cup of coffee in the morning or if a shake isn’t practical. S’mores is my favorite so far.

November 30,2020
Debbie Hall

The chocolate peanut butter bars are DELICIOUS! So convenient when you are not home, but need a meal or a snack. We took them camping snd it worked out so great! Plus I could share one as a snack with my husband! No ants to worry about or washing dishes from a shake.

November 26,2020

This rating is for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. I enjoy the Chocolate Peanut Butter bars when I'm on the go and unable to make a shake. Chocolate is not my go-to pick for food/treats (neither is lemon!) but this option seems to have more peanut butter than chocolate. It would be great if the bar was a little less on the sweet side of life.

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